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Contingency worker Press Office (M/V)

Aralık 20, 2015

Voor Philips Lighting we are looking for three Contingency worker Press Office. You will be working on a daily basis, 5 days a week. On a daily basis you start on 7am until 10.30am
and the working hours can vary depending on the workload.

– Managing Pressing Matters
– Function within the Lighting Press Office, its focus is to gather and spread the most important or impactful media coverages from the past 24-48 hours
– All about the Lighting industry
– Media coverages about Philips Lighting, biggest competitors, and the Lighting industry itself
– Daily news gathering from different news subscriptions and other media vehicles and spreading the gathered articles within Philips Lighting network
– Majority of the time should be spent on news searching, news analyzation, news assessment
– Other minor Outlook related tasks
– Other minor administrative tasks

-Needs to possess excellent English skills
-Knowledge about Outlook is preferred
-Works efficiently
-Competent and professional
-Should be a quick learner

Are you interested? Please respond as soon as possible.

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